Stuart Norman – Guitar, Bass, Bass Pedals

About Stuart:

Stuart grew up on the music of Genesis and Phil Collins throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, developing a taste for prog, rock and heavy metal in the early part of his music career. Having played heavy metal for many years, Stuart now runs his own music school and takes the role of Daryl Stuermer in Genesis Visible Touch.

Stuart’s Gear:

PRS Custom 22 electric guitar
MusicMan Stingray bass guitar
Taylor 210CE acoustic guitar
ENGL Steve Morse signature amplifier
Custom 4×12 speaker cabinet
Mark Bass Little Mark Tube 500 bass amplifier
TC Electronics G System
Eventide ModFactor
Eventide TimeFactor

More about Stuart…

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1980, Stuart plays guitar and bass guitar and assumes the role of Daryl Stuermer.

Learning to play the guitar at the age of 10, Stuart spent the first few years playing classical music before his head was turned by the alternative rock scene in the early 90’s.

Stuart formed the heavily prog-influenced death metal act Desolation, writing, producing and recording their first full length album at just 14 years old.

The following decade saw Desolation enjoy notable success throughout the UK and Europe with two full length follow up albums whilst Stuart studied music at ACM Guildford under the expert guidance of eminent guitarists Guthrie Govan and Pete Callard.

Stuart spent the following three years at Durham University studying for his philosophy degree and playing guitar on the local scene and university musical productions.

The only time you wont find Stuart with a guitar in his hand is while at Stamford Bridge following his beloved football team Chelsea.


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