Chris O’Connell – Vocals and Drums

About Chris:

Chris is a lifelong Genesis fan from Liverpool. A multi-instrumentalist, Chris’ singing voice has an uncanny resemblance to that of Phil Collins. Chris also has a background in theater and acting, skills that he brings to the Genesis Visible Touch live show.

Chris’ gear:

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More about Chris…

I was born in Liverpool, England, nineteen-seventy-several!, i come from a musical family who are fairly well known in the area, being the “home of The Beatles” it was quite normal for kids to pick up an instrument at that time and it worked out that my dad and his brothers could play piano, guitar, saxophone, banjo, flute and sing between them! This for me was a huge head start as i had great music flowing into my ears at a young age and was always around live gigs.

Aged 15 i started learning guitar, it seemed difficult at first but i loved the challenge of piecing it all together, i loved effects and in particular what Dave Gilmour did on the Pink Floyd albums. I didn’t really begin singing until i was about 19, a friend advised me to buy A TRICK OF THE TAIL and WIND AND WUTHERING, I couldn’t believe my ears!

The albums seemed packed with amazing music and such variety, and Phil’s vocals were the best i had heard, dramatic, sad, powerful and so honest, and with a distinctive tone. I felt drawn to want to sing the songs and sung them endlessly as well as other records/artists i found along the way.

Through the years i have worked in various bands, studio recordings, solo gigs, studied live performance for a year in college, and wrote an albums worth of material which is unreleased. Many people who have seen me perform always pass comment on my uncanny resemblance to Phil’s vocal sound/personality, which got me thinking …wouldn’t it be great to be part of a show that can catch the spirit and magic of those Genesis tours that i have dreamed i could see but cant without a time tunnel!…….and that’s when GENESIS Visible Touch ….came along, and we all shared the same vision and aspirations for us and the fans……its your show!


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